Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planning a trip to Walgreens...

I need to use my Register Rewards from Walgreens which are expiring this Monday and Sunday. This week's sales didn't really wow me as there were not Register Rewards to roll and the preview for next week doesn't look much better. So here is what I'm hoping to do by this Saturday:
Buy 5 12-packs of Mtn Dew (nasty habit, I know) and use the in-ad coupon, making those 5 total $12.
Buy 3 gallons of Di H2O for 3 x $0.69 (ad coupon) = $2.07 (I think this is approximately Walmart's price.)
Buy 6 bottles of Vitamin Water for (2 sets of 3) x $4 (ad coupon) = $8
The total then for the 14 items is $22.07 plus tax.
I have 9 register rewards totaling $20.50.
Hopefully this means I need to add $1.57 plus tax to get the items.

Now, according to the Walgreens Tips at A Thrifty Mom's blog, the Register Rewards count as a manufacturer's coupon. The number of manufacturer coupons in a transaction cannot exceed the number of items. However, the store coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon and the store coupon won't count as a coupon in the # of coupons to # of items ratio of no greater that 1.

Thus in the above scenario, I buy 14 items, use 9 Register Rewards, and use 3 store ad coupons and all is kosher. Technically I probably could have found a situation in which the totals would match more closely, but I am happy with $1.57 for the 14 items.

Update: It worked! My DH came along and of course he needed his own drink which added $0.50 to the total (I told him he was ruining my average cost per item.) The total with tax ended up being $3 and change. The lady behind me asked "How did you do that?"

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