Saturday, January 23, 2010


If the boss is ever into them.

Tutorial on covering clips.
Oooo and they have a tutorial on Vinyl Record Bowls, which I will have to show mA.

If the Saints are in the Super Bowl...

Beads by the Dozen appears to be the ticket.
Black and Gold helmets 38" 120 necklaces $50 ouch!  12 necklaces $6.
Stadium Cups Geaux Saints Geaux 25 cups $12.95
Fleur De Lis throws purple, green, gold  33" 72 necklaces $8.95
Round purple/green/gold 42" 480 $35, 12 for $1.10

B - 4
T - 5 = 9
Wi - 4 = 13
P - 5 = 18
N - 5 = 23
K - 5 = 28
L - 4 = 32
We - 4 = 36
Wh - 4 = 40
A - 4 = 44

Team Rubicon


Friday, January 15, 2010

Promising possibilities


Magic Tree (This might be the one!)           

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Color Scheme Designer -- preview color combinations etc.
Photoshopsupport blog -- resources, how to, etc.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For the Knack...

This would be a great one.

Show this to Millie

I think were talking about something like this.  (The site has lots of cool ones.)

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made easy here.

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Prayers for Haiti

The aftermath of the earthquake is so tragic.  It seems like help has been so slow in arriving.  I'm concerned about the birth mothers (and fathers and siblings) of some of my friends' children.  FoxNews lists some places to donate. Samaritan's Purse would be a good bet too.  I saw via Drudge that Secretary of State Clinton called the damage Biblical -- by which I assume she means in terms of scale. But it made me wonder how long before Joel Rosenberg picks up on that --- oops, nevermind, he has already called it an event of Biblical proportions without referencing Clinton.  I have been mulling myself whether this is the kind of "great earthquake" mentioned in the Gospels.  Wow. Does every generation of Christians feel like they are living in the end times?  Or perhaps the better way to state the question is: Does every generation of Christians feel like they are living at the end of the end times?

Skin not loading...

It appears the website where the skin resides is not up. (Western Samoa) sigh... I need to do something else....Am I a frustrated designer-wannabe or would that be design-wannabeer.  Ugh!

3 Column Footer

There is just so much I want to do!  Like this.  How can I get more hours out of the day?