Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok, that was a little unsettling...

I stopped to watch a soaring hawk this morning. He was making a wide circle. I watched him come around for a second lap and then he kinda, sorta swooped at me. It was like he was coming in to land on my arm if I held it up. He did this twice as I was exiting the garden and then again as I was on the sidewalk near the house. Weird. After a bit, more of them showed up; they're still screeching at each other.

Maybe they know we caught a gopher and they aren't too happy about that. I guess I didn't realize how things work in this neighborhood. I hope they don't want to make me an offer I can't refuse.

Update: After some reflection, some research, and a couple more encounters, I think this group of 5 is two adults and three chicks. So the good news is that they aren't hawk fellas and they're not mad that I trapped a gopher, and they are just protective parents. The bad news, from what I've read is that they can keep this up for 10 to 17 weeks. So we've had 2 weeks of it which I have been acutely aware, that means only 8 to 15 more weeks.

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