Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Chocolate

for the Chocolate fountain...
This site mentions Guittard semi-sweet chips, which I can get at Winco.

So as I am scouring the net, I notice Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Sam's Choice Tropical Trail Mix, and this gem coming in at #3:

3 - Sulfur dioxide. I saw this, and I actually flinched. I say this, because sulfur dioxide is a key factor in acid rain. Sulfur dioxide is a product of the burning of sulfurous waste, which then oxidizes to become sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide then encounters and reacts with moisture (water, really) in the atmosphere to form a weak acid. This acid can be defined as a weaker version of sulfuric acid (the same stuff that's in some car batteries, is used industrially, and will burn you to a crisp). Sulfur dioxide is but one reaction away from becoming sulfur trioxide. Sulfur trioxide reacts violently with water to form sulfuric acid. There's moisture in your body, and if sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain, I doubt you'd want to eat it.

I just had to check the comments, because this and other reasons were just hilarious. The best comment: you know what else is in acid rain? water.

Back to the chocolate...
Scharffen-berger is expensive but great, as is Caillebaut, neither of which is readily available in my area.

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